Monday, September 15, 2008

Gamesmanship and Poor Sportsmanship

When Alex Rodriguez slapped the baseball out of Bronson Arroyo's glove during the 2004 ALCS, he was ridiculed in every way imaginable. You've seen the Photoshop of him carrying a purse on the play, you've heard the derisive name calling, etc..

The first baseman on that play was A-Rod's old high school teammate Doug Mientkiewicz. Yesterday Mientkiewicz, now a member of the Pittsburgh Pirates, was on first base when a ground ball was hit to Cardinals second baseman Aaron Miles. To turn a quick double play, Miles attempted to tag Mientkiewicz on his way to second base. Mientkiewicz, in turn, slapped the ball out of Miles glove and reached base safely.

While Miles and his manager Tony LaRussa argued with all four umpires, who either didn't see the play or let it stand anyway, the Pirates' announcers exhorted the play as good gamesmanship (they also couldn't believe Mientkiewicz got away with it).

This continues to prove that A-Rod and the rest of major league baseball are treated differently. A-Rod makes most of his own drama, but in fairness, there is a double standard when he is involved in a play as compared to another player.

But wait, back to the Cards-Pirates game. Things got even better on the next play when Mientkiewicz was doubled off on a line drive to Miles. The two exchanged words and the benches emptied. Mientkiewicz's former Yankees teammate Ron Villone had to be held back by three teammates after Mientkiewicz said something to tick him off.

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