Wednesday, September 17, 2008

NFL Recap - Week 2

We didn't do so hot this past Sunday. A couple of teams really threw us for a loop and we mistakenly stayed on the bandwagon of others.

First and foremost, the Giants won again. It was closer than the final score indicated, but the final score of 41-13 over the Rams was quite pleasant. Giants -8.5 Win

Those crazy Jets fans. They saw Tom Brady go down and thought they had the AFC East wrapped up. Silly, silly, stupid J-E-T-S Jets Jets Jets fans. Patriots 19-10 Win

Chiefs -3.5 at Raiders
Okay, this is one of the ones we didn't see coming. We know the Chiefs aren't good, but the
Raiders. Herm "just win a game" Edwards better win one in a hurry. Raiders 23-8 Loss

Titans +1 at Bengals
Vince Young
or no Vince Young, there's no way the Titans should have only been favored by 1. Marvin Lewis must be praying to get fired. Titans 24-7 Win

Colts -1.5 at Vikings
To win in the NFL, you have to score touchdowns. The Vikings got five Ryan Longwell field goals and couldn't hold it. Colts 18 Vikings 15 Win

Saints PK at Redskins
We wondered how this game could possibly be a pick 'em with the Saints ability to score points. Then we saw the Saints defense and remembered. The 'aints absolutely blow a 24-15 lead. You can't lead Santana Moss beat you on a 67-yard like that. Redskins 26 Saints 24 Loss

Packers -3 at Lions
It continues. How do Matt Millen and Jon Kitna keep their jobs? A complete embarrassment. Forget Brett Favre, Aaron Rodgers looked like Superman. Packers 48-25 Win

Panthers -3 vs. Bears
We are fully on the Panthers bandwagon, even if we only got a push out of this. So far two games, one right, one push. They've burned the hell out of us in the past. Perhaps they're trying to make up for it. Panthers 20-17 Push

Bills +5 at Jaguars
Oh yeah, we're on the Bills bandwagon too. The Jags aren't that bad, but they are beat up. There's no way they should have been that heavy a favorite. Bills 20-16 Win

Falcons +7 at Bucs
We totally screwed up on this one; got too influenced by Matt Ryan's performance last week. Bucs 24-9 Loss

Seahawks -7 vs. 49ers
We are REALLY sick of the Seahawks. Killed us in week one and did it again in week two. No more trusting Holmgren and Hasselback. You think we would have learned from last year. 49ers 33-30 (OT) Loss

Dolphins +6.5 at Cardinals
Okay, we should have been sent off to Bellevue for that pick. Dumb, dumb, dumb (but not as dumb as those Jets fans). Cardinals 31-10 Loss

Chargers PK at Broncos
Ed Hochuli
is to blame for this. We're sure you've seen the blown 4th qtr call by now. We got screwed, but not as bad as the Chargers did. Broncos 39-38 Loss

Steelers -6 at Browns
Smashmouth football. Just boring football. Steelers 10 Browns 6 Loss

Eagles +7 at Cowboys
What a great game, clearly trying to make up for the Sunday nighter. Told you 7 points was too big of a spread. Cowboys 41-37 Win

Week 2 7-7-1 (Texans-Ravens Canceled)
YTD 17-13-1

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