Sunday, September 28, 2008

NFL Picks - Week 4

We never had a chance to go over the picks from last Sunday, but we were 10-6 last week.

YTD - 27-19-1

Week 4 Picks

Big Blue has the week off, so we'll savor that 3-0 start for a bit.

Jets -1 vs. Cardinals
We have no faith in the Jets, but this is Arizona they're playing. Jets and Favre take this one, 20-17.

Broncos -9 at Chiefs
Chiefs are God awful and the Broncos offense is clicking on all cylinders. Broncs shouldn't blow them out.

Browns +1 at Bengals
Wow, tough one. The way things have gone for these 0-3 teams, they'll probably tie. Derek Anderson has to turn things around, doesn't he?

Jaguars -6.5 vs. Texans
Jags are beat up, but last week's win proved just how much talent this team has. Houston doesn't match up.

Saints -4.5 vs. 49ers
Saints defense has been nowhere to be found, but they should be able to do enough to beat the Niners.

Falcons +7 at Panthers
We love this Panthers team, but they haven't been that stupendous. Panthers win, but a close game.

Titans -3 vs. Vikings
The better team takes this one.

Packers +2 at Bucs
Interesting game and a tough pick. Bucs 'D' hasn't been as we would expect. The Bucs are not the Cowboys and that should mean a good enough day for Aaron Rodgers.

Bills -8.5 at Rams
When you're 8.5 point underdogs at home, you know you are in trouble.

Chargers -8 at Raiders
The same theory applies as above. Chargers should crush the Raiduhs.

Redskins +10 at Cowboys
Dallas is the superior team, but that's a big spread for such an intense rivalry.

Eagles -3 at Bears
Even without Westbrook, the Eagles should take it.

Steelers -5 vs. Ravens
Steelers should bounce back from last week's tough loss to Philly.

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