Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Daily Yankeeland - 9/23

What? There's a game tonight? Didn't the season end on Sunday? Oh wait, that's right, the MLB scheduler makers fecked up. The Yankees travel north of the border tonight to visit the Toronto Blue Jays at Rogers Centre.

Tonight's game is huge and we're not talking about the fact that the Yankees aren't mathematically eliminated. Mike Mussina (18-9, 3.57) goes for win number 19 tonight. If he gets it, he'll go for number 20 in Fenway Park. Moose will be opposed by Jesse Litsch (12-8, 3.72).

Phil Hughes makes his second start, since coming from the DL, tomorrow night against new Yankee killer, and maybe future Yankee, A.J. Burnett. The series finishes up on Thursday with Carl Pavano going against Roy Halladay, who will be looking for his 20th win.

We waded through many of the reviews of Sunday night's festivities and though most were favorable, there were some definite on-the-money criticisms. The ridiculous re-enactment of the 1923 lineup and of players like Joe D. The complete omission of Joe Torre from the highlights. The inclusion of Jesse Barfield in the highlights.

There was one thing we were quite curious about - who pulled the lever to set the countdown to zero. We saw no mention of it, so we asked Peter Abraham during his live chat yesterday - the answer? Michael Kay. Michael Kay??? WTF. Not even Hal or Jennifer Steinbrenner? By the way, nice of Hank not to show.

Here are some of the good columns we read concerning Sunday's ceremonies and some of the suggestions of what could have made the day better:

Richard Sandomir of the Times.

Joel Sherman of the Post.

Peter Abraham's video chat from yesterday. We asked what Pete would have added and taken away from Sunday's ceremony, how Jason Giambi felt about the possible end of his days in Pinstripes, and about the countdown lever.

Yankees spokesperson Jason Zillo claimed that Torre and Clemens were not intentionally skipped. Yeah, right.

Word has it that Roger Clemens was not invited. Duh. He was reportedly heartbroken over being left out of the montage. Ya reap what you sow.

You knew there were some people who were going to try to purloin some history on Sunday.

As for the business of rebuilding the Yankees. We're not happy about the Yankees considering bringing back Jason Giambi. Remember, this is about winning, and while the Big 'G' is a really likeable guy, it's time to go.

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