Friday, September 19, 2008

NFL Week 3 Picks

The thought of the Giants going 3-0 is mind boggling, but it better happen. Cincy is falling apart and though we hate, hate, hate that the Giants are double digit favorites, we have to take them.
Giants -13.5 vs. Bengals Giants 31 Bengals 13

Chargers -9 vs. Jets
The Monday night match up has an angry (thanks to Ed Hoculi) 0-2 Chargers team that should run roughshod over the Jets. LT2 is a no go for this one, but that shouldn't matter.

Falcons -5.5 vs. Chiefs
This could be an ugly game. The Falcons lured us into to taking them in week 2 and then let us down. There was no way the Chiefs were going to lose to the Raiders. Wrong again. Ok, someone has to win. We think it is the Matt Ryan led Falcons.

Bills -9.5 vs. Raiders
With Darren McFadden slowed by turf toe, the Bills should crush the hapless Raiders.

Titans -5 vs. Texans
We went back and forth on this one. The outcome is we think the Texans will suffer from not having played in 2 weeks.

Cardinals +3 at Redskins
We see this one coming down to a last second field goal.

Patriots -12.5 vs. Dolphins
We're not making that Miami mistake 2 weeks in a row.

Bucs +3 vs. Bears
Should be a close battle. We just can't get behind Kyle Orton. Or Brian Griese for that matter.

Panthers +3.5 at Vikings
Tavaris Jackson is out, Gus Ferrotte is in. More imporantly, Adrian Peterson is out. Panthers should go to 3-0, while the Vikes drop to 0-3.

Seahawks -9.5 vs. Rams
Flip a coin. We don't know where to go here. Seattle is a major disappointment and the Rams stink.

49ers -4 vs. Lions
We don't like either team, but the Lions suck more than usual on the road.

Saints +5.5 at Broncos
Should be a high scoring game as neither team's defense is too spectacular. Broncos win, but Saints keep it close.

Steelers +3.5 at Eagles
Steelers offense isn't as good as the Cowboys, but there is no way their 'D' will get burned like Dallas' did. Steelers should win out right.

Jaguars +5 at Colts
Injuries and all, the Jaguars should stay close or beat a Colts team that is going through a tough stretch.

Ravens -2 vs. Browns
Another to flip a coin on. This game is usually filled with field goals. Browns remain winless.

Cowboys -3 vs. Packers
Cowboys are the better team.

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