Sunday, September 28, 2008

We Want You as a New Recruit

It may be sung to CC Sabathia in the off-season, but for now it's just because the Yankees rookies went through their hazing on Friday night. Normally this would take place after the last home game, but with all of the festivities and a late night last Sunday, things were put off until Boston. The players were dressed as the Village People, though they didn't have enough uniforms for players such as Phil Coke.

Unfortunately, there was also a lack of photographs. From left to right - Francisco Cervelli as the leather clad biker, Juan Miranda as the cop, Humberto Sanchez is "in the Navy", and Al Aceves as the Indian. Not pictured, Brett Gardner as the construction worker, and David Robertson as the cowboy.

Not their best work, but not bad.

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