Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Terry Francona Gets it, Jon Papelbon Does Not

Props to Terry Francona, who is batting Derek Jeter in the 2nd spot tonight, despite the fact his own number 2 hitter, Dustin Pedroia, is in the lineup.

"A Derek Jeter deserves to hit at the top of the order -- in a place like this especially," said Francona, who chose Jeter for that spot over Dustin Pedroia, who hits second for Francona's Boston Red Sox. "This is Dustin's, in my opinion, not his last All-Star Game, but it's his first All-Star Game.

"Sometimes getting people in their proper place ... what they've done for the game also means something."

The same kind of class is obviously lost on the Red Sox goon-faced closer Jon Papelbon. He feels that he, and not Mariano Rivera, should close out tonight's All-Star game.

"If I was managing the team, I would close. ... But I'm not managing the team," Papelbon said yesterday.

Papelbon acknowledged Rivera's accomplishments, calling him the greatest closer in history. So what's his case?

"By winning the World Series and having our manager here," he said.

Though Francona wouldn't reveal his plans, Joe Girardi has a hunch what will happen.

Yankees manager Joe Girardi, who is on Francona's staff for the game, believes it will be Rivera in the ninth.

"Terry is a very classy guy and a very wise man," Girardi said. "I just have a feeling."

Some people get it and some people are self absorbed whiny bitches.


  1. Im lost where did John lose his class? Have you watch the hole 50 min interview? If no I think you should. No crap he wants to close the game. If you ask any closer if they want to close the All Star game would they say no? On many actions during the interview he said he doesn't care. He would like it to be him but if its not oh well I understand. So good job taking things out of context.

  2. Papelbon did more than one interview. He back pedaled off his comments after he started getting trashed by the media. And then his bullshit about his pregnant wife being threatened during the parade. NO ONE threatened his wife.

  3. Only media that did anything about this story was NY media, no one else. Others started talking about after several NY papers wrote about it. And the interview I'm referring is the one the papers refer to. Yes he did do several after woulds. But again I'm referring to the interview you posted quotes from and thats the one before the papers came out.