Thursday, July 24, 2008

Some Old Time Fun

August 2nd is definitely a date that lives in infamy due to the tragic death of Thurman Munson, but this year it's also a day to celebrate. The Yankees will be holding their 62nd annual Old-Timers' Day on August 2nd at Yankee Stadium. The final one to be held at the "House that Ruth Built".

Below is a partial list of those attending. Notables missing are Paul O'Neill, who indicated during a Yankees telecast that he would be attending, Bernie Williams (the Yankees better find a way of getting him there), and Don Mattingly, who will be coaching for the Dodgers.

Yogi and Whitey aren't on the list, but one would assume they will be in attendance. They HAVE to be. Some of our fondest memories are going to Old-Timers' games in the early 1970's. Even though some of those guys were only in their forties they still seemed like they were "old". Guess it was a combination of us being kids and their legendary status.

Mickey Mantle, Joe Dimaggio, Frank Crosetti, Casey Stengel, Mrs. Ruth, Mrs. Gehrig, Mel Allen, and so on. It's hard to remember much of those Old-Timers' contests, but we do remember Elston Howard hitting an inside the park home run. It wasn't easy for Old-Timers to cover the huge expanse of grass back in those days.

Here's the list from

Partial list of those scheduled to attend:
(*Denotes first-time Old-Timer)

Jim Abbott
Luis Arroyo
Steve Balboni
Jesse Barfield
*Don Baylor
Paul Blair
Johnny Blanchard
Ron Blomberg
Wade Boggs
Scott Bradley
Dr. Bobby Brown
Homer Bush
Andy Carey
Chris Chambliss
Horace Clarke
Jerry Coleman
David Cone
Ron Davis
Bucky Dent
Al Downing
Brian Doyle
*Dave Eiland
*Tony Fernandez
Ed Figueroa
Oscar Gamble
Joe Girardi
Eli Grba
Ken Griffey, Sr.
Ron Guidry
*Rickey Henderson
Tommy John
*Pat Kelly
*Jimmy Key
Gene "Mickey" Klutts
Johnny Kucks
Don Larsen
*Al Leiter
*Graeme Lloyd
Hector Lopez
Kevin Maas
*Tino Martinez
Bobby Meacham
*Ramiro Mendoza
Gene Michael
Rich Monteleone
*Jeff Nelson
Graig Nettles
Gil Patterson
Joe Pepitone
*Tim Raines
Bobby Richardson
Mickey Rivers
*Buck Showalter
Charlie Silvera
Bill "Moose" Skowron
Luis Sojo
Darryl Strawberry
*Wayne Tolleson
*Jeff Torborg
Mike Torrez
Tom Tresh
Bob Turley

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