Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Daily Yankeeland - 7/24

We're enjoying a day off in the schedule before three big games in Boston this weekend. Here's what's going on.

Things have really begun to heat up in talks with Seattle that would sent pariah #2 Kei Igawa (Pavano is of course #1) to the Mariners for Jarrod Washburn and contract throw in Jose Vidro.

We're not big fans of Washburn, but he battles, gives you innings and has done well in the post-season. He would also give you another left-hander in the rotation in addition to Andy Pettitte, and would be a viable option out of the pen should the Yankees make the playoffs. He's got about $4 million left on his deal this year and has a $10 million contract for next season. Igawa's contract runs through 2011 and is worth about $14 million.

Vidro was once a good 2nd baseman and swung a good bat, but his knees and his skills have eroded and now he's a DH without any pop.

* * *

The media is blasting the Yankees from all sides for their decision not to shut down Jorge Posada immediately so that he'll be ready for the start of next season. There were even rumors that Randy Levine insisted that Posada play because of the big contract he signed in the off-season. It's very believable considering Levine is pretty much a dick.

We, as we stated yesterday, are in agreement that Posada will not be any use to the team this year. His shoulder will not strengthen to the point that he will be able to hit with any kind of authority.

* * *

Today is the 25th anniversary of a game that will in infamy. The Pine Tar game between the Yankees and Royals on July 24, 1983. Brian Heyman of the Journal News looks back, and has thoughts from George Brett and ump Tim McLelland.

* * *

Mark Lelinwalla of the Daily News
has a nice piece on rookie outfielder Justin Christian. We repeat, time for Brett Gardner, who couldn't break a pane of glass right now, to go back to Scranton and for Christian to get increased playing time.

* * *

Pitching match ups for this weekend:

Friday: Joba Chamberlain vs. Josh Beckett
Saturday: Andy Pettitte vs. Tim Wakefield
Sunday: Sidney Ponson vs. Jon Lester

Saturday's game is one of those annoying 3:55 starts on Fox and Sunday is an 8:05 "we'll have to listen to Joe Morgan" affair on ESPN.

* * *

The YES Network continues to a great job covering the life and death of our man Bobby Murcer. Yankees Magazine included some new interviews from the likes of Reggie Jackson, Michael Kay, and others are the All-Star game. It's still shocking when Reggie acts humbly.

* * *

The Trenton Thunder have signed a 10-year extension with Mercer County that will keep the Yankees Double-A affiliate in Trenton through 2023. The new deal gives the Thunder more control over operations at Waterfront Park.

* * *

And finally, in case you missed it Tuesday, here's the video (we found the connection to be a bit troublesome) of Melky Cabrera making an error because he was paying attention to the Bleacher Creatures instead of the game.

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