Friday, July 25, 2008

Mushnick Jabs Sterling

A lot of what Phil Mushnick says can be taken with a grain of salt, but he's usually on the money when it comes to criticizing the likes of John Sterling, Mike Francesca, and Chris Russo. Today's column took a shot at both, particularly at Sterling, though it had nothing to do with sticking his finger's in Wednesday's dessert.
THAT we should never expect better from John Sterling doesn't make it any easier. To be stuck in a car, forced to listen to the 20-year Voice of the New York Yankees describe a game, is to be the victim of a crime against baseball, broadcasting and the public trust.
Mushnick's remark concern a bang bang play at the plate in Monday's Yankees-Twins games. Bobby Abreu's throw home to Jose Molina easily arrived ahead of the runner, Brendan Harris, but moments later home plate ump Mike Everitt was signaling safe. Molina was livid, but replays showed that, in all likelihood, Molina missed the tag. That didn't stop the man Bob Raismann calls "Pa Yankee" from ripping Everitt and his brethren.
After all, Sterling said, once upon a time had Bobby Abreu charged that hit, fielded it cleanly, thrown a fastball strike to catcher Jose Molina, who then merely had to await the arrival of Harris before he tagged him out, Harris would have been called out.
There's nothing more annoying then the "the ball beat him" call in baseball. So maybe, just maybe, in this case the ump got it right. Suzyn Waldman, who is awful in her role as color commentator (partially due to the fact that Sterling never lets her speak), even pointed it out.
But stuck in a car with John Sterling, voice of the most famous team in sports, Harris was out by a mile. Mile, after mile, after mile, season after season, to be stuck in a car with Sterling is to be stuck like no other baseball fans, anywhere.
Mushnick also took a shot at the arrogant one, Francesa, for basically plagiarizing a Mike Vacarro column for his commentary on Johan Santana. Radio listeners have to realize that if Mike and the Mad Dog do go kaput, it's a good thing.

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