Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Daily Yankeeland - 7/15

The Home Run Derby can get quite dull, but last night's display by Josh Hamilton was beyond phenomenal. Reggie Jackson threw out the ceremonial first pitch to Derek Jeter. More on that later though.

A celebrity softball game was played on Saturday as part of the festivities. In addition to actors, actresses, and comedians, the teams included hall of fame players Goose Gossage, Gary Carter, Paul Molitor, Wade Boggs, Rollie Fingers, George Brett, and Dave Winfield, and former Yankees Paul O'Neill and Tino Martinez.

Never in our wildest imagination would we ever have expected to hear a (Whoopi) Goldberg to (Billy) Crystal to Tino Martinez, 4-6-3 double play, but it did in fact happen.

Paul O'Neill brought back some memories with a tremendous 3-run home run home run that easily cleared the temporary fence and landed well out into the territory Paulie used to roam. Boggs also homered.

ESPN's Kenny Mayne, by far, was the worst player on either side (though Chris Rock struck out), playing a couple of fly balls like he was Pele. Maybe worse was the fact that he's just not funny any more.

And despite the fact that she wore a Red Sox hat and wasn't very good, Hollywood reporter Maria Menounos looked quite hot.

Phil Hughes threw a 35-pitch mound session on Monday, made up of 25 fastballs and 10 curves.

Johnny Damon was supposed to hit off a tee yesterday, but held off due to soreness in his shoulder.

Brian Bruney threw 15 pitches in a scoreless inning for the Trenton Thunder last night.
Hideki Matsui continues to hit, but has not been cleared to run yet.
Alex Rodriguez received trophies for getting the most votes in the American League and the most votes over all. No truth to the rumor that he "Vogued" when he accepted them.

Kudos to the YES Network for their magnificent coverage on the life and death of Bobby Murcer. It was point on. Tasteful, respectful, and extremely well produced. Great job guys!

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