Sunday, July 27, 2008

Quick to the Bat Poll

We cut the the bat poll short since the Yankees acquired Xavier Nady on Friday night. "Funnily" enough, 8 more of you filled out the poll before we closed it, with 3 selecting "Blake or Nady". Ironically, Blake was dealt yesterday as well to the LA Dodgers.

So now we want to know what you think of the trade. We don't agree with Pa Yankee, John Sterling, that it was phenomenal, but it was very good.

Nady has been overhyped due to the season he's having, but he's a serviceable outfielder, who could take over in right field next season for Bobby Abreu.

Marte, of course, has been an outstanding set up man in his career, and even part time closer this year, with the White Sox and Pirates. (Note to ESPN's Larry Hardesty, who was on 1050 with Jody Mac yesterday. Marte pitched 4 seasons with the White Sox, so you don't have to wonder if his stuff will translate to the AL. Your a professional, do you homework.)

Jose Tabata could be the real deal, but at 19 he's still a good ways from the majors. He's had a balky wrist issue, and maybe more important, maturity issues.

Jeff Karstens is mediocre, Dan McCutchen may or may not be good, and Ross Ohlendorf could still turn into a decent pitcher, though we think losing him is no biggie.

So what do you think? Quick, to the trade poll, Robin. Boy that was stupid.

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