Thursday, July 24, 2008

Off Day News and Notes

Time to take a look at what else is going on in the sports world. We already ripped Brett Favre for, what we think was, his contrived retirement in order to get out of Green Bay. Favre tried to make the Packers the bad guys, but word came out this week that Brett's not too bright off the field. Seems he's been using a cell phone, still owned by the Packers, to call Vikings head coach Brad Childress and some of his assistants. Yeah, the NFL is looking into tampering.

Remember Alycia Lane? The Philly newscaster who made headlines by sending the NFL Network's Rich Eisen photos of herself in a bikini. Mrs. Eisen wasn't too appreciative. Lane got in more trouble after slapping an off duty female cop in New York. Well now comes word that one of Lane's co-workers in Philly, anchorman Ron BurgundyLarry Mendte is accused of hacking into Lane's computer and leaking her personal information to the press.

Andrew Guiliani, yep Rudy's son, is suing Duke University for kicking him off the school's golf team. Little G claims he was unceremoniously dumped from the team and its interfering with his hopes of becoming a professional golfer.

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  1. Did Tiger go to
    Duke University to become a professional golfer?
    It's all about talent, Andrew, not some school's golf team.