Tuesday, November 2, 2010

They Might Be Giants

I said Giants in 7...apparently I gave the Rangers too much credit after not giving them enough credit going into the ALCS.

Tim Lincecum may be weird, may be fugly, may look like a chick...but the guy can pitch.

Brian Wilson and his weird beard (he could play Bill Mays in a biopic) were dominant in the post-season.

And Edgar Renteria, who in 1997 knocked in the game winning run in the 7th game of the World Series to give the Florida Marlins their first championship, had the game winner again 13 years later. A 3-run home run off of Lee to earn the series MVP award.

The Giants get their first win since that amazing Willie Mays catch back in 1954. Their first since moving to the Bay Area. As I mentioned on Facebook last night, congrats to all Giants fans with the exception of Mad Dog Russo and Chris Berman who can stick it.

Cliff Lee didn't wait very long to take care of business after losing for the second time in the series. He quickly filed for free agency.

The Giants had the third longest drought without winning a World Series. Who does the number 3 spot now belong to? The Texas Rangers, who started out as the Washington Senators in 1961.

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