Saturday, November 20, 2010

Leyritz Acquitted of DUI

I was a bit surprised upon hearing the jury was deadlocked in the Jim Leyritz DUI manslaughter trial, but it does show you that you can't judge everything based on snippets you read in the paper.

Leyritz was acquitted this afternoon after testimony was found to be inconclusive. Most importantly, Leyritz's lawyers argued that their client's blood alcohol level was below the .08 legal limit at the time of the crash, but rose to .14 three hours later due to the drink he had just before the crash.

Witnesses could also not confirm whether the stop light was yellow or red when Leyritz's SUV went through the interesection and smashed into the vehicle of Fredia Ann Veitch, killing her. Witness did confirm that the light was green for Veitch at the time of the crash.

This past May Leyritz made an out of court settlement on a civil suit filed by Veitch's family, paying $350,000.

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