Saturday, August 7, 2010

Time to Call It A Day

There are a number of teams still in the MLB playoff race, but there are a number of teams that should be calling it quits by September 1. That's the day rosters expand and must include players that are to be part of a playoff squad.

A number of teams were buyers at the trade deadline when they clearly shouldn't have been. Between now and 9/1, some of those teams should be looking to waive dead weight and/or trade players to true contenders.

Johnny Damon - The Tigers are dead in the AL Central (9) and Wildcard (14) races. Damon signed a 1 year, $8 million deal in the off-season and is an ideal candidate for the Tigers to move. After a great start in April, Damon absolutely stunk over the next two months before a semi-revival in July. He's started August just 4-22, but perhaps all that could change if he is into a pennant race. Then again he's hitting just .268 against right-handers.

Manny Ramirez - The Dodgers were aggressive at the deadline, getting Ted Lilly among others. But LA is going nowhere. They're 8 back in the NL West and 7 back of division rival San Fran in the Wildcard. Time to throw Manny out there and see if there are takers. The downside of course is that he's on the DL right now with a bad calf. He then aggravated it this past week, but delayed an MRI after feeling claustrophobic. (Not sure why he would have to go in head first for a calf?) Because of the uncertainty, Manny being Nuthead is likely to pass through waivers unclaimed, allowing the Dodgers to move him to his next port of call.

Adam Dunn - The Nats were never in it, but if a team has claimed (as rumored) Dunn, Washington is crazy not to move the big slugger. You can always bring him back, but getting nothing for him other than draft picks is absurd. Dunn blasted a pair of 3-run blasts last night, causing GMs everywhere to salivate.

The Mets - Sorry Mets fans, but you know better than anyone that this team is finished. Some minor moves today- released Alex Cora, sent down Jesus Feliciano, called up Fernando Martinez and Ruben Tejada. It's time for the Mets to start making major moves, most likely in the off-season. But if you can move Jose Reyes with good results, go for it. The Mets need a change and it should start with their oft-injured, oft-under performing shortstop. Someone would probably take Jeff Francoeur. Unfortunately, no wants Luis Castillo.

Hideki Matsui - Oh beloved Godzilla; World Series hero; poor 2010 performer. Sorry for that last one, but so true. With the Angels getting further and further behind in the AL West and Wildcard races (10, 12 respectively), Tony Reagins should be moving "The Hideki" to a contender. Juan Rivera too. Torii Hunter too. The once proud centerfielder said he can't handle the position any more. With two years left on Hunter's deal, Reagins should look for a taker.

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