Thursday, August 26, 2010

Oh Canada....Go Away

If you are a Yankees fan you are completely sick of the Toronto Blue Jays by now. Especially those games played up in Toronto where you hear the fans seranading the Bombers with "Yankees suck" chants. What happened to laid back Canuckers, eh?

You're especially sick of watching Jose Bautista hit home runs, ump Jerry Meals blowing calls, etc.

Unfortunately, the Blue Jays and Yankees aren't done yet-they meet again next weekend at Yankee Stadium. The Jays took 2 of 3 from the Yankees in early June and repeated the feat this week when they knocked off Phil Hughes last night, 6-3. In between the Jays, you guessed it, took 2 of 3 at the Stadium to start August. The only success the Pinstripes have had with the home run wrecking machine was their own 2 of 3 series win at home over the July 4th weekend.

Score Blue Jays 7 wins Yankees 5 wins

Oh and just to make matters worse...division/playoff race..three final games with the Blue Jays to end Toronto.

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