Thursday, August 5, 2010

It's Either Sadness or Euphoria

Stop the presses! Okay, it wasn't that dramatic, but the moment Alex Rodriguez hit home run #600 yesterday, media everywhere trotted out prepared articles. (I'm sure some were fresh, but wouldn't you work ahead on the inevitable?)

As you would expect, most of the media has downplayed the event due to A-Rod's admission of steroid use. Things went like this in the metropolitan area:

Apparently the NY Daily News didn't want to sell any extra newspapers or collectible items, such as posters. The back page, pictured here, says it all.

Mike Lupica also mentioned that no matter how hard A-Rod tries, he'll be forever linked to the steroid users. I chuckled a bit in reading Lupica's column today since he made a tidy sum with his book, "Summer of '98'. Everyone but Bud Selig suspected steroid use during that very tainted season, but Lupica rejoiced in the single season home run chase (I really enjoyed the big; probably the only that Lupica has ever written that I have liked.)

The NY Post is the paper you would expect the above cover from, but they were actually tasteful for once (I'm sure Page Six more than made up for it with their daily garbage.)

Joel Sherman shared an interesting personal story between he and A-Rod, but also threw this gem out in another piece, "Alex Rodriguez never is going to be fully a Yankee." I've said this before. I don't know where this garbage came from, but there is no such thing as a "true Yankee". It's some nonsense started by either the media and/or some spoiled younger Yankees fan early in this decade. It's complete and utter nonsense and doesn't deserve to be delved into further.

The Star Ledger's Steve Politi took at look at how the fans themselves weighed out the steroid past and the milestone present. Big props to Marc Carig and Dan Worthington on their full page breakdown of A-Rod's home run history. Here's part of it online.

Newday's Ken Davidoff took a look at the "very human" A-Rod. There was more steroid talk from Bob Klapisch.

Former Yankee Bucky Dent had this to say. Johnny Damon took a shot at the media for their negative portrayal. David Wells took some shots at A-Rod.

Kyle Koster of the Chicago Sun-Times wonders if anyone cares.

Me? I still don't know what to think.

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