Saturday, August 7, 2010

A-Rod Down in a Heap

And back up...breath everyone.

Beat writers on the scene at the Yankees BP moments ago tweeted that Alex Rodriguez got hit in the left leg with a ball of the bat of Lance Berkman. As if things weren't going poorly enough for Berkman right now!

After being down for several minutes and tended to by trainer Gene Monahan, A-Rod limped off on his own and went directly towards the clubhouse for further eval.

UPDATE 2:15 pm - no word on A-Rod's status as of yet. The ball hit him in the shin, which is never a good thing.

UPDATE 2:35 pm - A-Rod replaced in the lineup by Ramiro Pena.

UPDATE 2:39 pm - Reports are that A-Rod has the leg elevated, iced, and is awaiting X-Rays. Derek Jeter told reporters the ball bounced before hitting A-Rod's leg.

UPDATE 4:30 pm - The game is underway at the Stadium and this little revelation came from Fox's Joe Buck. A-Rod was distracted by none other than Buck when Berkman hit the "shin fatal" ball. One more reason to hate Buck.

UPDATE 4:40 pm - Forgot to mention that X-Rays were negative.

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