Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Week 1 Recap

A Giants win over the Deadskins to open the season and a 10-6 week for us for starters.

Here's a look at how we did on the individual games.

Giants -4.5 vs. Redskins. Correct
On the money, though we though both teams would score more. Giants should have, but we gave the Redskins more credit than they're worth. Giants cruised 16-7.

Jets -3 vs. Dolpins Correct
How bad to you think Chad Pennington wanted this one? He'll get another chance this year, but for now it's Favre and the Jets 1 up. Jets 20-14

Bengals -2 vs. Ravens Wrong
Why did we get back on the Bengals bandwagon? If we were wagering they'd rob a liquor store or get a DUI, we'd have a better chance. Joe Flacco made a great first impression for the Ravens. Ravens 17-10.

Patrios -16 vs. Chiefs Wrong
Needless to say, we didn't expect Brady to get hurt, but our chances went with him. Hard to believe the Pats still couldn't put more on the board, even with Matt Cassel at QB. Pats 17-10.

Steelers -6.5 vs. Texans Correct
Willie Parker would still be running through the Texans if not for the final gun sounding. Some teams just seem destinted to stink. Steelers 38-17

Titans +3 vs. Jags Correct
The whole Vince Young thing is quite bizarre, and shouldn't be dismissed. Meanwhile though, we thought the Titans would play tough in a big rivalry game and they did. Didn't necessarily think they would win straight out, but Young played well until he hurt his knee. Titans 17-10

Lions -3 vs. Falcons Wrong
What were we thinking picking the Lions on the road. We didn't know that rookie Matt Ryan and running back Michael Turner (220 yds) would destroy the Lions. And yet, Matt Millen still has a job. Go figure. Falcons 34-21

Seahawks +1 vs. Bills Wrong
Wow! Did we ever overrate the 'hawks and underestimate the Bills. Mike Holmgren has to go one of these days, doesn't he? Bills 34-10

Saints -3 vs. Bucs Correct
Big early season battle that saw Drew Brees (343 yds passing) bring the Saints out on top. Reggie Bush contributed like it was 2006. Saints 24-20

Rams +8 vs. Eagles Wrong
Similar to the Seahawks-Bills, we were way off track on this one. Donovan McNabb, at least for one week, is back on top. Eagles 38-3

Cowboys -5.5 vs. Browns Correct
No trouble for Tony Simpson Romo and company. We'll find out real quick if Derek Anderson and the Browns were a tease last year or for real. Cowboys 28-10

Panthers +9 vs. Chargers Correct
This was our best pick of the week. We thought the Panthers 'D' would keep it close, but Carolina won straight out on the last play of the game. Panthers 26-24

Cardinals -2.5 vs. 49ers Correct
These are NOT your father's 49ers. Edgarrin James rushed for 100 yards for just the third time in 17 games. Cardinals 23-13.

Colts -9.5 vs. Bears Wrong
Oops. Who saw this coming? Yeah, sure you did. About as much as the Colts expected rookie Matt Forte (123 yards) to rush the football down their throats. Bears 29-13

Packers -2.5 vs. Vikings Correct
Brett Who? Okay, it was one game, but Aaron Rodgers first time out was a huge win against a division foe. Loved Adrian Peterson drilling Al Harris. Packers 24-19

Broncos -3 vs. Raiders Correct
Are the Broncos that good or are the Raiders that bad. Perhaps a little of both. The Raiders won't get better until Davis gives up the ship. Broncos 41-14

YTD 10-6

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