Saturday, September 6, 2008

NFL Picks - Week1

We were way off on the score, but correct in picking Big Blue to lay the points against the Redskins Thursday night. We really haven't been paying much attention to the pre-season games, so the early going could be rough. Do NOT, do NOT base any of your gambling on our picks.

Jets at Dolphins
The Brett Favre ERA/year begins in earnest. For one week, he'll look like a world beater. The Dolphins won't be significantly better than last year, even though their quarterback is one Chad Pennington. Jets -3

Bengals at Ravens
The Ravens offense still doesn't look very offensive. Hopefully not all of the Bengals have a court date. Bengals -2

Chiefs at Patriots
The Patriots haven't lost a regular season game since 2006, and their not about to lose this one. Patriots -16

Texans at Steelers
You just never know what to make of the Texans. We don't think the Steelers should have any problems in this one. Steelers -6.5

Jaguars at Titans
Will Vince Young progress or regress? Will David Garrard have another huge year? Should make for an interesting game. We think this one will be close. Jags win, but Titans +3

Lions at Falcons
Two teams that are always hard to figure. The Lions went 4-0 in the pre-season...that doesn't impress us. The Falcons had trouble scoring and that definitely made an impression. Lions -3

Seahawks at Bills
Seahawks were a big disappointment last season, while the Bills played rock 'em, sock 'em football. Seahawks +1

Bucs at Saints
The Saints were one of the biggest disappointments in '07. The Bucs lost a first round playoff match up with the Giants. Should be a good one, but the Bucs offense still stinks. Saints -3

Rams at Eagles
The Eagles, particularly Donovan McNabb, have a lot to prove. The Rams have even more to prove after a disappointing '07 season. We think this is too big of a spread for the Eagles to cover in week one, even at home. Rams +8

Cowboys at Browns
Cowboys think they should have been representing the NFC in last year's Super Bowl. The Browns came back from the dead early in the season and narrowly missed a playoff spot last year. Jamal Lewis is a game time decision. Cowboys - 5.5

Panthers at Chargers
The Chargers are looking to return to their 2006 form after not living up to last season's expectations. Jake Delhomme is back, which is great news for Panthers fans, but he won't have Steve Smith, suspended for two games after punching a teammate, to throw to this week. We think the Panthers defense can keep it close. Panthers +9

Cardinals at 49ers
Kurt Warner beat out Matt Leinart in AZ and T.J. O'Sullivan vanquished Alex Smith in San Fran. Cardinals -2.5

Bears at Colts
A rematch of Super Bowl XLI, but Kyle Orton gets the nod over Rex Grossman at QB. Not much of a difference. Peyton Manning is ready to go. Colts -9.5

Monday Night Football

Vikings at Packers
The post-Brett Favre era begins and the Packers are very happy not to be looking across the line of scrimmage at him this week. Aaron Rodgers should get his first open night win in this one. Packers -2.5

Broncos at Raiders
There's no reason to think there will be a lot of improvement in Oakland, while Denver and Jay Cutler look to attain the heights they fell short of last season. Broncos -3

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