Friday, September 12, 2008

The Daily Yankeeland - 9/12

What's left of the season? Finger pointing of course, by those who hadn't done it as of yet. Bob Raissman says it only took Michael Kay and company 144 games to rip the Yankees a new one. Neil Best has his take on this new twist on the YES Network.

Mike Lupica says it's the "House that Ruth Built", but the Yankees are bringing it down.

Joe Girardi says he'll take the blame. Tyler Kepner says you can blame the offense.

On the bright side, Bernie Williams has confirmed he will be attending the Yankee Stadium closing ceremonies. Bernie Baseball was performing at Robinson Cano's Foundation Fundraiser at Frankie & Johnny's Pine Restaurant in the Bronx.

Scott Patterson, who we thought would be a major contributor to the Yankees this season, started out well in the minors and then was mediocre. The Yankees released him to make room on the 40-man roster for Humberto Sanchez, and he's already pitching for the San Diego Padres.

Hank is trying to play George again. He's going to put a "committee" (baseball people?) together and Cashman could lose power. Here's a look at it from the Post, the News, and Peter Abraham have to say. PeteAbe also has a look at the final homestand.

Whether he'll be a Yankee next season remains to be seen, but either way, Robinson Cano will be working with Kevin Long this season after a very disappointing 2008. Long is planning on making major changes to Cano's swing.
"You're going to see a huge difference visually," Long said. "You'll see less movement, an explosive, compact swing, and you'll probably see more home runs. I think his average will go way up and I think his walks will go way up."
Kat O'Brien takes a look at next season's starting rotation.

Bill Madden spoke with Yogi Berra about his favorite Stadium moments.

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