Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Mad-Rod on Vid?

Alex Rodriguez may be able to separate his on and off the field activities, but it might be getting a lot more annoying for his teammates. There were reports within the last couple of weeks that the Yankees were getting annoyed at having to hear questions about their All-Star and Madonna, but its going to get a whole lot worse now.

That's because The Daily Star of the UK is reporting that someone is trying to sell a sex tape of the unlikely duo. Needless to say the guy wants a small fortune.

Now ordinarily we wouldn't even discuss garbage like this, but we are concerened about the impact it might have on the team. A-Rod is a drama queen, there's no question about it, but for the most part it's never affected the rest of the team. But if this stuff continues it just might.

Reggie Jackson was another drama queen, who never let it affect him at the ball park (unlike A-Rod in the past), but his teammates were veterans who were annoyed, but went about their business and were winners. This latest crop of Yankees hasn't shown to be the "guttiest" (as John Sterling likes to say) performers, and certainly not winners.

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