Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Fox Sports Sucks Part Deux

Terry Francona comes out in the 9th to bring on Mariano Rivera. Yankees fans have been waiting all night for this. Metallica's "Sandman" starts blasting from the loud speakers as Mo jogs in the from the bullpen. Mo nears the infield and then...Fox goes to a commercial.

Instead of watching Mo warm up and listening to the crowd go crazy, we got to look at an albino physicist for the 400th time tonight.


  1. Notice that "Buck" rhymes with "suck"?

  2. In one of the best quotes ever, Berman in the post game is trying to point out it was more a pitcher's game than a batter's game and calls Yankee Stadium, "the House that Whitey Built". Then stumbles on to say "thats thats Whitey Ford of course". HI-larious