Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Favre and Away

We'll watch the start of tonight's game and check in here and there, and be sure to turn back when Mariano Rivera better pitch the 9th inning. But this game is a borefest and the players think that it's ludicrous to have it determine home field advantage in the World Series.

So we're going to take a time out from MLB for a moment to comment on this Brett Favre nonsense.

Was anyone shocked that Favre came out of retirement? Was anyone not shocked when Favre ripped the Packers in an odd interview Greta Van Sustern over on the Weasel network. Favre feels unloved and unwanted by the organization that he gave his heart and soul to. Nice try Brett.

Favre clearing knew what he was doing with his pseudo-retirement after last season. It was a clear ploy to get out of Green Bay without making himself look like the bad guy. Instead of demanding a trade, he retired, thereby allowing his old team to move on. Then hecome out of retirement when there was no longer room for him and asked that team that he had been so loyal to, to release him so he could play anywhere, including against maybe one of their rivals like the Vikings.

Big time lack of class there Brett.

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