Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Yankees Really Bobble Things This Time

I asked Bobblehead Mo about the fiasco, but he had no comment.
The game was bad enough Tuesday night - a 7-0 blow out at the hands of the Tampa Bay Rays  - but it also brought the Yankees as far out on the edge of the cliff that they could go before they finally drop into the abyss.

Alas, there was also a sideshow to last night's funereal proceedings. It was Mariano Rivera Bobblehead night for the first 18,000 fans in attendance. With such a demand for the "doesn't look anything like the person" figurines, the Yankees had the objects delivered the day of the game. That was the first mistake of the night.

Mistake #2? Well, you probably can't classify it as a mistake since the truck carrying the tiny baubles broke down on its way to Yankee Stadium. People knew something was wrong when the Stadium's gates did open at their normal time. (A word to the wise - don't get bobblehead collectors riled/grouchy.)

Mistake #3 The first 18k through the gates got a voucher for when the Mariano not-look alikes arrived. That wasn't a mistake; the mistake was having 18,000 people wait in line around and under the Stadium to pick up the "preciouses" once they did arrive.

Mistake #4 Some of the bobbleheads didn't show up in one piece. If you're person 17,999 in line and your bobblehead is broken you are not going to be a happy camper.

Mistake #5 Watching the game from home...that mistake I cut off after a couple of innings.

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