Sunday, September 15, 2013

Boston Honors Mo...Kind Of

Perhaps it was for ruining their 100th anniversary celebration last year (Yankees won 6-2), or for being beaten to a pulp for so many years, or the 2004 idiots were in charge. No matter the reason, the Red Sox utilized a bit of tongue in cheek when they honored Mariano Rivera prior to the game.

It started with what Boston MC Dave O'Brien described as "...less of a toast and more of a roast." The video board then showed Bill Mueller, Dave Roberts, and Kevin Millar, who really still is an idiot, discussing Game 4 of the 2004 ALCS. Mueller and Roberts were pretty much factual, while Millar played up his clown act.

At the end the three congratulated Mariano on his fabulous career. So it wasn't so bad, but then they showed the 2005 Boston home opener when the Fenway faithful gave Mariano a standing ovation for blowing leads in the playoffs.

Mariano, ever full of class, smile, laughed and tipped his cap. I can't find anything to corroborate it, but I recall Mariano being annoyed by it a short time later. Basically, he said, okay, you had your fun; that's enough. Something to that affect.

The Red Sox then presented several gifts, including a portrait of Mariano from that 2005 opener. Really? You couldn't do better than that? There were nice gifts as well.

A signed (by the Red Sox) number 42 placard that  is put on the scoreboard whenever Mariano came on to pitch. A pitching rubber and a nice donation to Mariano's foundation were presented as well.

The Sox also brought in cellists to perform a class version of "Enter Sandman" and then went out and spanked the Yankees for the third straight night (as of the 7th inning).

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