Monday, September 9, 2013

Disgrace On A Sunday Night

Outside of some super Super Bowl performances the NY Giants are a complete disgrace on prime time football.

Doesn't matter if it's a Sunday, Monday, or the rare Thursday night game. You don't want to call the season opener crucial, but when you're facing the Dallas Cowboys in a divisional game,  crucial fits the bill.
That's why Sunday's 36-31 Cowboys win hurts the  Giants. It's amazing that the score was that close considering the Giants committed six turnovers.

Whether it was an Eli Manning awful interception on the first play from scrimmage or David Wilson's two fumbles, Da'rel Scott causing an interception due to a slow reaction,  or a fluke bounce on a punt causing yet another score, the Giants could have lost by 30.

The defense played a decent game,  though Jason Witten continued to treat linebackers and DB's like fleas on a Great Dane. He caught his usual pair of TDs against the G-Men.

On the bright side,  Victor Cruz caught a trio of scores and Hakeem Nicks was very effective,  and when they didn't turn the ball over they were able to move on the Cowboys defense.

On the other side of the coin coach Tom Coughlin told the team at halftime that it was the worst game he had ever seen. After 60 minutes he must have really had some comments about the team.

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