Thursday, September 26, 2013

Houston, You Don't Have An A-Rod Problem

"What, me worry?"
or maybe you do....

UPDATE 3:40 PM - Thanks to @StaceGots for the heads up. ESPN among others have just reported that Brian Cashman denied that A-Rod will not be in Houston.

Wally Matthews - Brian Cashman says reports A-Rod not going to Houston are "false. I'm wasting my time talking about it.''

The Yankees season will conclude with a three game series in Houston this weekend. But there will be one less player in the dugout.

The Yankees have given Alex Rodriguez permission to skip the series so he can begin preparation to appeal his suspension. It may be the last time A-Rod wears the Yankees Pinstripes until 2015 or possibly ever. His arbitration hearing begins on Monday.

From Newsday:
"I believe in the process. I'm fighting for a lot of players, both present and in the future," Rodriguez said before Wednesday night's game with the Rays. Barring any last- minute legal action, the confidential hearing will begin Monday at MLB's offices in Manhattan, a source said. Arbitrator Fredric Horowitz will preside. Rodriguez is expected to attend some of the sessions.

Asked if he thought there could be a speedy resolution, Rodriguez said, "I'm not sure, I'm not sure. "In a perfect world all of it would have been done quietly, but it's not a perfect world. But we're going to address this and hopefully put this to bed as soon as possible."

"I'm very thankful for the emails, texts, and private conservations I've had with our union members," he said. "The support has been overwhelming. And the fans have been unbelievable. I've had more people come to my defense and be in my corner than at any point in my career. I am grateful for that and I am looking forward to hopefully putting this behind me."

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