Thursday, September 26, 2013

300 Million Reasons Cano Is Crazy

All $300 million reasons that Robinson Cano is crazy are all the same. He is NOT going to get $300MM, because no team will be dumb enough to do it. ESPN reported that within the last month Cano's people made the Yankees aware of the amount of money Cano is looking for this free agent off-season.

Now, now I know..there are a lot of idiot owners that bark about finances and then give out contracts like there's no tomorrow. But times are different and there are plenty of examples of bad, long term contracts. Alex Rodriguez's opt out deal with the Yankees and Albert Pujols' bank breaker with the Los Angeles Angels.

The Yankees are still the likelist team to fork over $30MM per year to their star second baseman, but it would probably be for a shorter term than the 10 year deal that Cano is reportedly seeking. 7 years for $210? While it would hurt like a son of a bitch when trying to meet or stay close to the luxury tax threshhold, $210MM is better than $300MM. (Even though the Dodgers spent money the last two years like they were giving away pennies, I don't see them making that big of a free agent splash.)

And as much as it hurts to say it and no matter how great a player Cano is, if he won't accept the terms than you have to let him walk away. Because no matter how much Cano says he wants to remain a Yankee, drawing a line in the sand before the current season is even over means that the money is more important than which uniform he wears.

The performance enhancing drug use and misplaced blame for playoff failures are two of the biggest reasons that A-Rod has alienated himself to many Yankees fans. But much of that also came from not living up to the contract, at least in the eyes of the detractors. It can turn fans on you in a hurry; Robinson Cano should keep that in mind.

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