Friday, July 5, 2013

This Is Your Captain, I am Ready For Lift Off

Scranton, PA, the home of the Triple-A Scranton RailRiders is going to have a little extra excitment this July 4th weekend. Nope, not more fireworks, just the captain of the New York Yankees checking into town.

Derek Sanderson Jeter has gotten the go ahead from the Yankees team docs to start a rehab assignment. El Capitan is expected to play at least five innings in the field during Saturday night's game.

During prep for this season, Jeter fractured a different area of his ankle then where the break occurred that knocked him out of last season's playoffs.. I admit it seems kind of odd that someone that just started to run the bases the other day would start a rehab assignment already (or already in my estimation.), but this is very good news.

Here's to the Yankees' captain staying healthy for the rest of the season and replacing whatever .190 hitter is at shortstop in the meantime.

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