Wednesday, July 31, 2013

A-Rod to Throw Himself on the Mercy of His Bank Account?

"What me worry?"

After all the bobbing and weaving and preparing for a big fight, it now appears Alex Rodriguez may be negotiating with Major League Baseball on a plea deal.

What changed his mind? Most likely it is cold hard cash and the game that he loves to play no matter the cost to his reputation, his legacy, and did I mention money.

If A-Rod were to sit out the rest of this year and all of 2014 he would still be able to collect the the $61MM he would be owed from 2015-2017. His reputation and legacy are already in the toilet, so what's left? The money of course and can you really see A-Rod possibly losing everything owed to him? ($86MM plus the rest of this year's salary.)

Yes, I'm answering one question with another one, but that's what happens when things are so unclear. When reports have A-Rod fighting any penalty and then have him pleading for a future in baseball. When MLB is taking their sweet time in handing out the remaining penalties.

The biggest question is just how much evidence does MLB have against A-Rod? Word is that some of the proof has A-Rod recruiting other players for Biogenesis.

MLB is certainly hoping A-Rod cuts a deal. They don't want a big fight any more than A-Rod does, and if they try to hand down a lifetime ban they will certainly be in for battle for the ages.

Either way, just get it over with already!

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