Monday, July 1, 2013

A-Rod To Start Rehab Assignment: Are We Sure?

It's not that I'm doubting the possibility of Alex Rodriguez starting a rehab assignment at Single-A Tampa on Tuesday, but yeah, I'm doubt the possibility, etc.

This time it counts to quote an annoying baseball official. Rodriguez will make the next step to either rejoining the Yankees or getting suspended by Major League Baseball.

We all thought the process was going to start last week when A-Rod tweeted he was going to begin and then got smacked down with a major F-bomb by GM Brian Cashman.

Everything was straightened out after a conference call between the two and other Yankees officials. We've also had to put up with the rumor that A-Rod will pronounce himself unfit to play,  and retire with some rotating group of blondes on his arm and the remainder of the $275MM the Steinbrenners erroneously gave him. Beats being suspended and having your employer try to negate your contract.

Let the games begin...the real ones.

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