Sunday, September 27, 2009

True Blue

Big props to the NY football Giants tonight. There were many talking heads that kept referring to this afternoon's match up with Tampa Bay as a "trap game". That there would be a tremendous let down after the emotional victory over Dallas last Sunday night, they said.

Obviously, part of these feelings were based on past Giants performances in these situations and just the way the league "flows" in general. It was also stated despite these same talking heads also saying the Bucs could be one of the worst teams in the league.

The latter statement was the one proven true this afternoon as the Giants absolutely destroyed the Buccaneers 24-0. The Giants defense, missing a large chunk of personnel, still managed to hold the Bucs to 86 total yards. That's not a quarter total, that's the entire game.

The Giants meanwhile ran the ball down their Bucs' throat. Ahmad Bradshaw rushed for 104 yards on just 14 carries. Brandon Jacobs was 26-92 and 1 TD. Eli Manning with an efficient day- 14-24 161 Yds 2 TD 0 Int.

Next week? Yup, another trap game on the road against the Kansas City Chiefs.

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