Thursday, September 24, 2009

And the Winner Is...

Me! Very cool...yesterday (and today) Ken Davidoff of Newsday held a contest with the giveaway being a new book"Sixty Feet, Six Inches". It chronicles a conversation between Hall of Fame members Reggie Jackson and Bob Gibson.

I was the first to correctly identify the two feats that the two were known for at the old Tiger Stadium (Reggie's mammoth home run in the '71 All-Star game and Gibson's '68 World Series win). Not only did I win, but Ken gave the blog a plug too. Thanks very much Ken!

Thanks too to Scott Crisp of NBC Dallas-Fort Worth who gave me a mention for my piece on Mark Schlereth this morning.

UPDATE 9/25:

Have to send another thank you out, this time to the boys at Deadspin for a mention on the Schlereth deal.

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