Thursday, September 24, 2009

And Then There was One

Bobby Cox to hang it up after 2010 season.

There are only two managers in baseball today that will give you the old throwback, the classic umpire arguement. Flailing, hat throwing, dirt kicking, full out maniacal meltdown. Bobby Cox and Lou Piniella are those two. And after 2010, there will be only one. (as long as Piniella keeps his job in Chicago.)

Atlanta Braves manager Bobby Cox announced yesterday that 2010 will be his last season managing in the bigs. The one-time Yankees farmhand and coach has been managing in Atlanta for 20 years and has been 28 years managing in the big leagues. All but four of those seasons have been with Atlanta.

Cox currently ranks fourth all-time in wins with 2,409 and his 4,336 games is 5th highest total in major league history. He's skippered one world champion, 14 pennant winners, and 15 division winners (incl. one with Toronto). Cox is the all-time leader in ejections with 132, nearly 35 more than the next manager, Earl Weaver.

The 68-yr old recently signed a one year extension.

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