Monday, September 21, 2009

To the Bat Pole

It was time for the annual rookie hazing...and though there weren't as many rookies on the Yankees squad, it was still entertaining to see this year's Batman and Robin theme.

Batman (Mark Melancon) and Robin (video coordiantor Anthony Flynn). Nice gams and camel toe.Mark Melancon as the Caped Cruisader

Ramiro Pena is an uglier Catwoman than Ertha Kitt, though less creepy.

Radar gun operator Brett Weber (the Joker), Flynn (Robin), manager Joe Girardi, Melancon (Batman), Pena (Catwoman), Michael Dunn (the Riddler), massage therapist Lew Potter (the Penguin)

Melancon walks the gauntlet

Teammates and media get their photo-opMike Dunn as the Riddler wins best in show (IMHO)

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