Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Porcello, Youkilis Suspensions Uneven

I was a little surprised, well not too surprised, that Kevin Youkilis only got 5 games for his part in yesterday's Boston-Detroit brawl. But I was more surprised Rick Porcello got the same amount. Granted a pitcher's 5 game suspension is NOT the same as an every day player. But as far as I know Porcello did not admit any intent and he certainly didn't act as if it were intentional once the ball hit Youkilis. Yes, he fought, but he has to protect himself.

And what fantasy is the Boston Globe's Dan Shaughnessy thinking of:
The kid righty was backpedaling when a sprinting Youk flung his helmet at him, then wrapped him up and wrestled him to the ground like a baby calf.
That was Porcello making a nice move and taking Youkilis down. Shaughnessy also goes on to say the brawl kick started the Red Sox. Perhaps that's because Porcello was no longer on the mound.

And just for the record, this,

is much worse and much more unsportsmanlike than this,

Suck it Boston!

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