Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Let's Be Frank

I am really getting embarrassed at the shear stupidity of some of my fellow Americans. I don't like getting into politics on here, but seriously, why are so many people believing blatant lies about the proposed health care plan.

Do reading/viewing, whatever, and not just biased media such as Fox or MSBNC. Check out independent sites such as

In the meantime, enjoy Barney Frank ripping apart one of said stupid fellow Americans.

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  1. Drew it is sad when people try to politicize sports...I have, as friends, Yankees fans of all races, religions, political, non-political, points of views, what binds us is our love for the Bombers and our devotion to Yankees Universe.

    This is your blog and you write what you desire, however, and I say this respectfully do you really want to use Barnie Frank as a paragon of moderation and virtue???

    As for, they are funded by the Annenberg Foundation, of which the Annenberg Challenge is part and parcel.

    Back when Obama was a "community organizer" in Chicago he led the Annenberg Challenge Project, in conjunction with William Ayers, and I cite below CNN (not some right wing media outlet)

    More below:

    Lastly, I would note to you that the bulk of the outrages we have witnessed have occured in deep blue states like Michigan, Maryland, Pennsylvania, etc,