Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Torre: Proctor was stupid

No, Joe Torre does not think Scott Proctor is an idiot. But Torre recently told the Sun-Sentinal that he does feel Proctor hurt his career by not being truthful about how his arm felt.
"He wasn't afraid of anything," Torre said. "Very aggressive. Ability aside, the fact he was a good teammate was very important."

"There's playing hurt, and then there's playing stupid," Torre said. "It doesn't have anything to do with someone's intelligence. If you can endure pain and still are able to do what you do, that's one thing."
Torre went on to compare Proctor's willingness and ability to play hurt to that of quarterback Brett Favre.
"If you're willing to play, which means you certainly are brave, but you can't be the player that you need to be, then it's not very smart to do for your own health, and you're not helping the team either," Torre said.
Proctor underwent season ending Tommy John surgery a week ago.
He doesn't know what hurt is," Torre said. "The dumbest question I could ask him was: 'Are you OK?' Because I knew what the answer was going to be."

Okay, so if Torre knew that Proctor couldn't possibly always feel good, why did Torre constantly warm him up and/or use him? You have to take some of the blame Joe!

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