Thursday, May 14, 2009

Leyritz Hospatilized After Suicide Threat

Tip of the hat to Peter Abraham on this one- The Sun-Sentinal reported that former Yankee Jim Leyritz, awaiting trial on DUI manslaughter, was hospitalized after he threatened to commit suicide. Leyritz phoned a relative in New Jersey, who then contacted Davie, FL police.

When police arrived at his home, Leyritz' ex-wife Karrie was there. Leyritz was sitting in the back
of the house, visibly upset after the blood alcohol monitoring mechanism on his car failed to allow him to start the engine. That piled on top of the stress he was feeling from the pending court case apparently pushed him near his limit.

Police asked if there was anyone Leyritz wanted to speak to at which time he requested treatment for anxiety. He was taken to Memorial Regional Hospital and checked himself in.

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