Friday, November 9, 2007

The Daily Yankeeland

All is quiet on the Yankees free agent front- no word yet from either Mariano Rivera, Jorge Posada, or their representatives concerning the deals that have been offered. No shock that Posada is waiting until he hits the open market to see what teams like the Mets and Blue Jays have to offer.

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Now that reports say that Johann Santana turned down a Twins long term deal, one has to wonder if they'll start to market him now. We think it would still be a big mistake for the Twins, especially if they end up losing Torii Hunter and Carlos Silva to free agency. The Twins would certainly insist on one of the big 3 - and the Yankees would certainly be much more open to it for the 2-time Cy Young winner.

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Scott Boras knows that Miguel Cabrera's availability hurts his chances of a bidding war for Alex Rodriguez's services. So Boras' cohorts have taken to criticizing Cabrera in attempt to scare teams off. Team reps aren't that dumb (though one will give A-Rod his money) and they do their homework. Source

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Billy Martin has a chance to make the Hall of Fame this year as part of the veterans committee voting. Martin had many demons - The Bronx is Burning barely touched on them - but he was a great manager until those demons took too much control. Source

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