Friday, December 6, 2013

Report: Cano and Mariners Agree to 10 Year, $240MM Deal

How long until Cano makes this face and thinks "what have I done?"

Apparently Robinson Cano was heavily influenced by Jay-Z and Roc Nation Sports or he's just plain greedy and not too bright.

ESPN Deportes' Enrique Rojas and CBS Sports Jon Heyman reported that the Seattle Mariners and Cano have agreed to a 10-year, $240MM contract. Yes, you can put the word crazy in any spot in that sentence.

Cano was originally seeking a 9 or 10 deal worth $235MM to $310MM, depending on who you believe. Despite his supposed desire to remain with the Yankees, Cano felt the Yankees dissed him by giving Jacoby Ellsbury $153MM over 7 years, which in turn limited the money they could give Cano. Cano's father felt the same way and publicly expressed his opinion on the topic.

The Yankees also didn't seem to want Cano back for some reason. GM Brian Cashman, who earlier today praised Cano, spoke about the second baseman a couple of weeks back and only referred to him as "the player". Cano had been a steady bat and glove in the lineup nearly every day - he's only missed 12 games in the last seven seasons.

The Yankees were obviously not going to go overboard after they bid against themselves and gave Alex Rodriguez a ridiculous 10 year contract in December, 2007. But perhaps the Yankees underestimated what it would take to keep Cano in pinstripes. A 10 year, $240MM contract is ridiculous and I'm glad the Yankees did not aqueous, but a 7-year deal for $189 (27 per season) might have done the trick. Instead, the team refused to budget off a range that wasn't that much more per season than Ellsbury's new deal, despite the wide gap in production between the two.

The Mariners are the big losers in this. While Cano will help them offensively, though not as much as they would like in spacious Safeco Field, he isn't going to bring fans out to the ballpark. He's a great player, but he's not Miguel Cabrera or Mike Trout. Also, a 10 year deal for a player 30 or over is as dumb as it gets.

Robbie Cano no longer making fools aware. He is the fool.

Enjoy your Starbucks Robinson.

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