Friday, December 20, 2013

Beltran Gets His Stripes

Carlos Beltran was re-introduced to the New York media Friday morning, wearing the 36 he wore his first two years in baseball with Kansas City. It was the final pre-season task as part of the three-year, $45MM contract the Yankees and the veteran outfielder agreed to.

The questions and answers were, for the most part, run of the mill, but there were some exceptions. Beltran chuckled when asked how he thought his reception would be wearing the Yankees unifrom in Queens, where he played for six-plus sesasons with the Mets. Beltran hoped the fans remembered how hard he played for them, but he figures there will be a mix of cheers and boos.

He was also asked how he felt life might have been different had the Yankees signed him to a free agent deal before he decided on becoming a Met. His answer made me chuckle - "They (the Yankees) were having some issues with the salary cap and I needed to do what was best for my family/" - Yeah, it was that last part that got me. Because as you know seven years and $119MM is barely enough money to take care of your family.

Back to being genuine - Beltran when queried about age, talked about how hard he works, how much he cares about the game, and the results he's produced the last two seasons. It's good to hear, because the Yankees are really going to need him to be the best Carlos Beltran he can be.

YES' Michael Kay and Bob Lorenz talk to Carlos Beltran after the press conference. When Beltran was in Kansas City he mentioned that Bernie Williams was his favorite player growing up. He reiterated those feelings on Friday.

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