Friday, December 13, 2013

Ellsbury Sports Number 22

Jacoby Ellsbury wore #2 for the Boston Red Sox, but when he switched rivalries he knew he would not be asking Derek Jeter to switch numbers.

Ellsbury was introduced to the New York media Friday morning and was given jersey #22 by manager Joe Girardi. Vernon Wells wore 22 last year and is still under contract, but it's not likely he'll remain on the roster.

Girardi made some brief statements prior to calling Ellsbury up to the dais, including this gem: "You'll no longer be a thorn in our side; now you will be a flower in our clubhouse." What????

After putting on his jersey and cap, Ellsbury thanked Hal Steinbrenner, Randy Levine, and Brian Cashman, as well as Girardi for his "kind words". He then gave the usual answers about switching to the oter side of the rivalry, the excitement of playing in NY, seeing all the championship banners, etc.

Ellsbury was accompanied by his wife Kelsey, who was presented with roses by Cashman, and his agent/uber villain Scott Boras.

More later.

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