Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Not So Fast Tanaka

Despite reports from, first reported by the LA Times' Dylan Hernandez  and backed up by the Tohuku new service, Masahiro Tanaka has NOT been given the blessing to go stateside by Rakuten Golden Eagles CEO Hiroshi Mikitani. Hernandez reported the latter as well.

In fact, the team has offered Tanaka 80MM yen, the equivalent of $8MM US, to stay in Rakuten for one more year. I'm sure they will play on Tanaka's loyalties and do what ever they can to pressure the 25-year old into staying.

They'll have to do what they can, because $8MM is a pittance compared to what Tanaka stands to make  in the US. The latest from prognosticators has Tanaka getting a deal in excess of $100MM. Yu Darvish,by comparison received a $56MM contract with incentives that could amount to another $4MM.

The beat goes on.

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