Wednesday, August 14, 2013

TMZ Sports: A-Rod Ready To Go To Fedreal Court

"How many games?!"

Take it for what it's worth - TMZ is doing the reporting - but a source has told the tabloid that Alex Rodriguez is prepared to go to federal court if Major League Baseball's does not immediately rescind the 211 game suspension that was smacked down on the third baseman.1

Right off the bat there is no way MLB will be blackmailed into dropping the suspension and have plenty of lawyers if the case does go federal. A-Rod feels he's been singled out - there's no question that it appears that way - and feels "persecuted". His lawyers will certainly pursue the argument that the length of the suspension is in violation of the current Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA).

One way or another A-Rod will have his day in court or in front of an arbiter and whatever evidence MLB has should be made public at that time. Meanwhile, A-Rod who already has heavy hitter David Cornwell to lead his appeal, has also added Joe Tacopina to his defense team.

According to the NY Post, Tacopina, a criminal defense attorney, has been known at times as the "most hated lawyer in New York". That's perfect for A-Rod, possibly the most hated athlete in NY right now.2

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2 - NY Post

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