Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Meanwell Isn't Well Meaning Towards Cashman

Whenever there are sticky situations with people involving money and/or notoriety, you can always count on some hanger-ons trying to get a piece of the action and/or their 15 minutes of fame. Like that cousin you never heard of until you won the lottery. (No, I am NOT speaking from experience.)

Kato Kaelin, Howard K. Stern, Joe the Plumber and others are just some of those people who were able to soak up the limelight for a while.

The New York Post's Rebecca Rosenberg and Jeane MacIntosh report that Brian Cashman's alleged ex-mistress Louise Meanwell can be added to that list. Meanwell...the name just makes you shake your head and laugh...obviously has an axe to grind and she's going to try to grind it into Cashman's back.

Meanwell, who also goes by the name Neathway, was charged with extortion for the $6k she collected after she threatened to divulge her relationship with the then married Cashman, and for trying to get an additional $15K. She's also been charged with harassment, stalking, theft, and perjury. Kind of like hitting for the cycle, no?

So you may be asking yourself, "Does this have anything to do with Alex Rodriguez?"

Bingo. Meanwell claims that Cashman knew about PED use on the Yankees, but he had a “win at any cost attitude” and was “ambivalent’’ to drug use “so long as nothing came back to the Yankee organization.

Cashman isn't the only one Meanwell is pissed at though. Add Joseph Tacopina to that list. Yes, one of the bevy of A-Rod’s lawyers.  Meanwell has been represented by Stephen Turano, one of Tacopina's partners and claims there is a conflict of interest in the firm. She's angry that Tacopina did not seek her permission (say what?) before taking on A-Rod as a client.

Her current lawyer (why does she have as many as A-Rod?), Peter Gleason, blasted Tacopina and his partners for how the situation was handled.
“You don’t drop a blue-collar client, who has paid a considerable amount of money, for a marquis client coming down the pipe unless you get informed consent,” Gleason said. Tacopina's response was that Meanwell hired Turano's separate New Jersey based firm not Tacopina's New York based office.1
When does Bravo pick this up as a reality show?

1 - NYPost.com

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