Thursday, December 6, 2012

Yankees Quiet on Rule V Draft

Johan Santana was one of the best Rule V draftees.

The MLB Rule V draft is never as exciting as the entire hot stove process and rumor mill that is associated with it, but occasionally a team can come away with a player that makes a big impact. (e.g. Johan Santana selected by the Marlins from the Astros in '99 and subsequently dealt to the Twins.)

The Yankees were one of just six teams that didn't draft anyone in Thursday's Major League and Triple-A phases. Additionally, the Yankees and the Atlanta Braves were the only teams not to have a player selected from their system. The Braves, White Sox, Rays, Nationals, and Brewers joined the Yankees in not selecting any players.

The top player chosen was Red Sox right-hander Josh Fields (not to be confused with the former White Sox third baseman of the same name) by the Astros.

Check out for a break down of the day's drafting.

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