Saturday, December 8, 2012

Dodgers Want to Go Crazy on Greinke

Ever since the sale of the LA Dodgers went through last year the team has looked to break the bank. They acquired Carl Crawford and Adrian Gonzalez and their ridiculously large contracts from Boston at the 2012 trade deadline.

Now comes word from the LA Times' Dylan Hernandez that the Dodgers are working with free agent pitcher Zack Greinke on a reported six year, $145MM contract. The dumb just keep getting dumber.

I am tired of owners bitching and moaning about salaries getting out of whack and then they each make these ridiculous offers year after year. Of course, some of them are by Jeffrey Loria, who just lies through his con man's teeth and trades the player a year (or less) later.

How long until the Dodgers realize they're losing money and start whining?

UPDATE: A deal appears to be set in place (Physical, etc. needs to be done), six years for $147MM. The Dodgers payroll is now at a league record $225MM. The pressure is now on Donnie Baseball, who will feel like he's managing in Pinstripes.

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